All mountains, water, our own bodies, poisonous and health-giving plants, furniture, buildings, sweet and sour tastes, pleasant smells, beautiful colors-in fact, everything that exists-is made up of various combinations of only 109 atoms. This is one of Allah's greatest miracles.

 When atoms come together, they give rise to molecules that enable very different physical characteristics to emerge. A pen, your hand, and water are all the result of different combinations of similar atoms. Sometimes an atom is added to a molecule, with the result that ordinary drinking water can become a poison. One atom added to or removed from a molecule can turn something inedible into something edible, or turn a harsh and unpleasant smell into the glorious perfume of a rose. Depending upon how the same atoms bond to each other, a molecule's color can change or a fluid can turn into a solid.


This computer or phone is the result of various combinations of atoms similar to those in your hand. A single atom added to or removed from a molecule can make sweet things bitter, solid things liquid, or inedible things edible.

 The variety of life on Earth is quite extraordinary. By giving various properties to molecules, Allah exhibits a most sublime artistry. For example, an apple's sweetness, a stone's hardness, and cotton's softness are all great miracles that He displays in invisible atoms. Allah created the world out of nothing, made atoms (which are 99.99999% empty) the basic constituents of all beings, and exhibits an astonishing artistry in this world that is invisible to the naked eye.

  People must realize that they need Him at every moment, cannot do anything unless He wills it, understand His bestowed blessings, and discover that whatever they possess actually belong to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. If they can reach this point, they will experience the joy of faith because of the blessings they enjoy in this world, and will also experience the highest level of these blessings in the Hereafter:

"And the Garden will be brought up close to the heedful, not far away: "This is what you were promised. It is for every careful penitent: those who fear [and respect] the All-Merciful in the Unseen and come with a contrite heart. Enter it in peace. This is the Day of Timeless Eternity." They will have there everything they want, and with Us there is still more." (Surah Qaf, 31-35)



All mountains, seas, human beings, space, butterflies, and flowers, in short absolutely everything that exists, are combinations of just 109 atoms. Allah displays His infinite might and creative artistry through all of these combinations.

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